You should never make a mistake of considering allergic reaction as a normal thing. It can be dangerous and result in quite a problematic skin condition. Usually, people call it hives. Diagnosing is quite simple. It seems like red and itchy bumps on the skin. Hives can occur due to a number of causes and it is not easy to diagnose the root of the issues easily.

MD, Gary Goldenberg from Icahn School of Medicine, New York says that recognizing the main cause of hives is not possible, especially when the patient doesn’t know about insect biting or other things. He also says that it can take place due to some edible things. Your body may develop allergies to some foods and you should avoid eating them.

The fastest ways of getting rid of hives are as follows:

1. Cold compresses to relieve itching

Neeta Ogden, MD is an allergist and she suggests patients to stop scratching their skin otherwise hives can spread all over the body. Of course, it becomes quite hard to stop yourself from scratching because inflammation and itching just frustrate the patient. So, first of all, you should try to relieve itching.

Cold compression is the best way to relieving stress. It can cure swelling and the itching problem. Get a clean and damp cloth, put some ice cubes in it and compress blisters gently. Repeat cold compression at least ten times in a day to get rid of itching.

2. Take herbal tea

Your habit of taking tea can be beneficial for you in treating it faster. We are not suggesting you take normal tea. The leading allergists suggest that patients must take minimum 3 cup tea each day. Herbal tea is a renowned fighter against allergy and other skin issues. It treats hives quickly and provides the patients with quick relief.

3. Oatmeal bath

Don’t take it as a weird suggestion because Oatmeal Bath can be an effective solution of many problems related to hives. A patient can experience itching, burning sensation and other problems, when they suffer from hives. Too much scratching can spread hives all over the body and then it will not be easy to apply cold compression method. Oatmeal bath will help you in relieving itching faster and also in treating hives.

4. Take an Antihistamine

Taking Antihistamine pills is also a great solution. According to Gary Goldenberg, you should decide a time and daily take antihistamine pills. This pill will treat hives quite quickly and it will also prevent dispersion of red blisters on other parts of your body. Following this suggestion would be an essential step towards curing faster.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel provides a quick cure for many skin issues. It is probably one of the best home remedies for many skin issues. You can cut a raw Aloe Vera leaf, remove its thrones and then rub it over red blisters. It will soothe itching problem and cure it very quickly.

Here’re just some of the simple methods that will help you. If you want to know more about How to treat hives at home, take a look at