massage therapy for plantar fasciitis

With so many alternative treatments that you can find for plantar fasciitis, it is probably mind-boggling for the individual suffering from the issue as to which one to choose to get some relief.

Well, it is understood that we live in the era, which is internet friendly and the moment you have pain or any bump on the skin, most of the individuals just will type on the Google to know what exactly the cause is. In other words, you are your doctor who helps you to find the possible treatment from different sources. Well, here we are going to throw light on the how you can treat this issue efficiently. It is the most common heel pain that is common amongst the runner, belly dancers, obese individual and individual with a flat foot.

Different treatments

Different types of alternative treatments can be easily seen on the internet, and it is certainly not possible to make use, as it is not necessary that you will get relief from a particular remedy. When it comes to fasciitis, massage is said to be a very effective mode of treatment and many individuals suffering from often comes up with the question is massage therapy good for plantar fasciitis. If you are not aware of the benefits of massage for chronic pain, read this study. Moreover, here we are going to help you to have a better understanding as this will certainly help you to get rid of the pain and discomfort that has been spoiling your life.

As we, all know the root cause is damaged tissue thus it is said deep tissue massage is very effective when it comes to rendering the relief. Nevertheless, the crux is to do with right technique so that it can soothe the pain and it will lessen the inflammation of the tissue that often takes the shape of sharp and shooting pain.

With so many different massaging techniques that are doing the round, it is important to know about to know about the right way through which you can easily ease the pain. To help you, here are few massaging techniques to provide immediate pain relief.

Different massaging techniques

  • Spreading the Metatarsals: Place the thumb on the top part of the metatarsals area. Now place your fingers firmly under the ball of your foot, work on the thumb and try to put at the outward aiming to spread the metatarsal bone. You can use this technique 5 to 10 times.
  • Deep pressure with the heel of the hand: in the technique you need to place the foot of the heel on the heel of the hand, this is mildly discomforting but it an excellent technique that will help in removing the tension from the plantar fascia.
  • Circular frictions: using the thumb, apply small circular friction with any knots so that you can create the circular conflict around the area, as this will help you to ease out the pain from the painful area.

These are a few techniques that you can add to your massage therapy so that you can bid adieu to the pain and you can live life to the fullest. Besides that, you can find other ways to treat your heel pain at PlantarFasciitisSupport.